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Please help find Aamina Khan abducted on the 26th of August 2011
              from the UK by Humma Fazal Karim Dar - Abductor
                             Now wanted by the Police

Aamina's Abduction part 2

9 days passed without any member of the family showing any concern for the welfare of Humma Fazal Karim Dar or for that matter the only grandchild in their family and my only child Aamina. They stated to the police that there was no contact between them and Humma Fazal Karim Dar, and that she had gone “up north” or to the “Lake District” during the holy month of Ramadan when her father had just come from Bahrain. No one had any contact details or any communication with Humma Fazal Karim Dar after the 26th of August 2011.

On the 3rd of September 2011 the parents of Humma Fazal Karim Dar left the UK for Bahrain, allegedly knowing their daughter had not contacted them for 9 days. I arrived on the 5th of September 2011 to collect Aamina from Morden to find no sign of the car I bought for Humma Dar and equally concerning, there was no sign of Aamina or any family member at her parents’ home where Humma Fazal Karim Dar lived. In fact Humma Dar had always delayed handing over Aamina, at times I could wait for up to 1 hour before Aamina was returned to me. However, on this ocassion I knew this was far more serious than delaying the handover of Aamina. Due to lack of concern and ambguity from another family member as to where Aamina could be I telephoned the police and reported my daughter as officially missing as the family members were uncooperative and unwilling to provide information as to Aamina’s whereabouts. I was informed by the police that Aamina had been abducted by Humma Fazal Karim Dar to Pakistan and my greatest fears were confirmed. I have since been frantically searching for Aamina for the last 8 months and travelled to Pakistan to find my only child. Since then her maternal aunts have been asked to attend the courts regularly because they have been asked to produce Humma and Aamina to the courts. Due to the lack of cooperation and unwillingness to provide information, one family member has been held in custody at Pentonvillie prison in London albeit overnight.
Furthermore, family members, maternal aunts have been asked to bring Aamina to the Supreme Court, Pakistan

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