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Please help find Aamina Khan abducted on the 26th of August 2011
              from the UK by Humma Fazal Karim Dar - Abductor
                             Now wanted by the Police



Dearest Aamina, It has been nearly 3 years since I last saw you when I dropped you off outside Perry Hall School. Since then I have done absolutely everything to find you. However your mother Humma Dar and her parents and Humma’s siblings have done everything to ensure you are not found. They done everything possible to ensure you do not see your father and they do not care about the damage they have caused everyone. They have attempted to break our relationship and the bond we shared because they weak and of extremely low moral standing. They feel they can take a child away from its father and break the law and they feel a huge sense of achievement in doing so. I know that you are in Pakistan and have been with the Dar family and I know you have been with Humma’s family in Pakistan and I have travelled to Pakistan 5 times to find you. More recently I have seen items belonging to you which were recovered from Osman Dar and Munnawar Dar as confirmed by the Police report sent to the Pakistani Supreme Court and it has been the closest I have come to finding you. If there is a god then these people will eventually be punished and I will continue to search for you whatever it takes with or without anyone’s help.

I wish you a very happy 9th birthday, you are always in my heart and a day never goes by when I think of you and the happiness you brought to me and everyone around you. I love you very much and I will continue to hold hope and pray I will see you again and I will do whatever it takes to find you.

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