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Please help find Aamina Khan abducted on the 26th of August 2011
              from the UK by Humma Fazal Karim Dar - Abductor
                             Now wanted by the Police

Message to Aamina

Message to Aamina

Aamina, wherever you are, your papa loves you very much, if you have been told your father doesn’t love you or doesn’t care about you, or never wanted you, or gave you to your mother then it’s a lie. Your mother Humma Fazal Karim Dar abducted/kidnapped you so that I would never see you again. Aamina I would never give you up I love you too much. Safiyah, Musa, Isa, Sarah, Ayesha, Rabiyah, Khadijah, Hamza, Fatima, Adam including Rihanna and catty miss you very very much and everyone is crying because you have been abducted/kidnapped and we all want you returned home. Aamina I have asked Humma Dar’s family to return you home but they say they don’t know where you are which I do not believe, they say for over 9 months they have had no contact from your mother. Just remember Aamina that your father has tried his best to find you and will never give up searching for you. Humma Fazal Karim Dar abducted you from me, so you would never be with your father. She denied you your father and your cousins and everyone in our family including your school friends. Humma is a very unjust person and has taken you away from me unlawfully, she is a 38 year old woman and now she is a criminal in the eyes of the law and by her own actions - as child abduction and obtaining a Pakistani passport by deception is unlawful both in the UK and Pakistan. Humma and all her family knew that by taking you away from me would cause great hurt and suffering to me. They are wrong, I am free to travel, free to go any country in the world, my name and my families name is not disgraced or shamed like her family name. I can hold my head up, proudly that I took great care of you, loved you and gave you everything you ever wanted and never denied you from seeing your mother and I have always taught you to love both your parents equally even if they were not together. Sadly what is your life like now I think about it all the time. Where is the abductor Humma Fazal Karim Dar going to take you on holiday or do normal things parent like to do if she is on the run. Aamina I have tried to find you and I am still searching for you. Humma Dar’s family have told the Police and the courts they don’t know where you are, however we all know the truth and so do all the authorities. Aamina, remember your father and don’t forget I love you and that everyone is searching for you around the world and the Police are also searching for you. Please try and go to the police, call me the numbers on this website, call your father 00447947467819.

I always keep your letter with me, its all I have for now

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