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Please help find Aamina Khan abducted on the 26th of August 2011
              from the UK by Humma Fazal Karim Dar - Abductor
                             Now wanted by the Police

Aamina Khan's abduction

Aamina Khan has lived with her father Dr. Safraz Khan since birth and since he was awarded residence of Aamina in 2008. Aamina Khan was an extremely loved and happy child surrounded by her first cousins, 8 nieces and 7 nephews.

She is an intelligent and happy go lucky child and loved by everyone.

Aamina Khan was born in the UK and has only lived in the UK until she was abducted by Humma Fazal Karim Dar, with the help of others. The abduction was a selfish act, spiteful and merely to cause harm and hurt to Aamina’s father, Safraz Khan and his family members. The mother is a qualified doctor and has had her GMC medical registration suspended as a result of her unlawful action. I have not seen my beloved daughter for 9 months and I will not stop searching for her and I please ask everyone to help in the search for Aamina Khan and if you suspect anything or have seen my daughter please report it to your local Law Enforcement, police or please see the contact details on this website. The UK and Pakistani police are currently searching for Aamina, however she has not been found.


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